Hi! My name is Brittney, I'm Rob's (Oldest) Daughter. I have created this website for him for Father's Day. My dad has decided to take on an incredible, opportunity filled, side job as a local DJ in our hometown. He has one of the craziest, most outgoing, loving, caring, positive personalities you could ever come across. Usually the father is the one helping his daughter and keeping her motivated and inspired. Growing up people kept telling me that things would change, that role would be flipped. I never pictured it would be me helping him out with a new job... But! Here I am. I think this is huge, my step mom... she's still nervous and uncertain, but what's a good life without a lot of risks!? Right..? Right! Well here ya go dad:) I hope you find this site useful and easy to navigate, I think I set it up to be as fool proof as possible. For those who don't know, he's also going to school right now for his Bachelor's. WooHoo! You go dad, you have inspired me so much just in simply doing that. But before I can give you the password and login information so you can change and edit this site, or anything else... Finish your English term paper :) 

Love you Dad and Happy Father's Day!


It's crazy to think you're getting into becoming a DJ. It's the perfect fit for you with your crazy, outgoing personality. You always have everyone laughing. I'm so excited to see you grow with this and I couldn't be more happy! I love you daddy! Happy Father's Day.



Why do you love daddy? Because he's my favorite. What do you like to do with daddy? Help him work on his truck, play with him, plant in the garden all day and we sleep. What do you think daddy's favorite color is? Purple. How much do you think daddy loves you? A lot. How much do you love daddy? A lot. Do you think daddy would be a good DJ? Yeahh. Why? Because he's my favorite. 

I love you,


Woof Woof, Bark Bark, Growl, **tail wag** Bark Bark


Sabbath, Shelby and Grace